Successful communication for companies in the financial sector – a specialism of MediaWalker.

For two decades, Anette Walker and her team have been advising financial service providers in the area of press and publicity work. Our core skills range from strategy development to the implementation of PR measures.

Our focus on financial services, with excellent contacts to all the major financial and business media groups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, along with our many years of experience in the financial industry, ensure that your messages hit their target effectively.

Anette Walker
Director and founder of MediaWalker


We offer a broad range of PR services for financial companies, from communications consulting
to producing press releases, image brochures or product flyers, through to designing
websites or organising press conferences and editorial meetings.

Communication strategies

We translate corporate goals into communication goals, derive strategies and measures from them and identify themes that can be used to raise your profile. We are familiar with the rules that journalists work with and what interests them.

Press conferences

We organise press conferences for you as well as background discussions with financial and business media teams that are important for your company. We also prepare press kits and moderate talks.

Press releases

We produce press releases that are newsworthy – written clearly and accurately and tailored to the needs of media staff. We look after the release of press information through a press distribution service individually selected for you.

Journalist support 

We look after the daily business with journalists, from answering enquiries to arranging interview partners from your company, approving texts and supplying photos and infographics.

Guest articles

We come up with ideas for guest articles for you, and write and place them in special editions of newspapers or book projects.

Media coverage

To assure the impact and efficiency of media activities, we monitor and document media coverage and analyse the results.


Dr Anette Walker  

Dr Anette Walker is the company’s founder and the brain behind MediaWalker.

Since starting her career, the financial journalist and PR consultant (DAPR) has worked in the financial services industry, including a spell as banking consultant and press officer for a fund management company. She founded MediaWalker in 2000 and since then has been involved as a consultant in PR and publicity work for Swiss and foreign financial service providers. She also works as a freelance journalist for various trade magazines and as a moderator.



Among our clients are renowned domestic and foreign financial service providers such as banks, asset managers, insurance companies, hedge funds and private equity houses.

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